About the Artist

Arturo represented the state of New Mexico in various art competitions held throughout the United States during his highschool years.  Shortly after he graduated from Carlsbad High, he concentrated and focused on spraypainting.  He was often told that spraypainting was limited to creating space sceneries.  Though the complexities of infinite space are endless, Arturo felt that they were quite limited when it came to creating spraypaintings.  It took Arturo several years of infusing the techniques learned in other medias with the new spraypainting media he discovered to create this unique style of painting. Thanks to Arturo’s  Spraypainting technique, spraypainting has evolved and artists are now able to compete with the known medias. In January, 2002, Arturo became a producer for his show, “Spraycasso:  The Art of Spraypaint” on the Public Broadcasting Station in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The show aired for five seasons, breaking records, making it one of the most watched shows in the area. He is often referred to as the modern day “Bob Ross” of Spraypaint.