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rattlebattle_halloween 2012_contest rules

****************HALLOWEEN CONTEST******************
alright everyone im giving away a Spraycasso Studios clothing merchandise to the 3 scariest and most original HALLOWEEN Spraypaintings. please read the rules
winners will choose from various items: t-shirt ,hoodie or baseball caps including along with a winners ribbon.
…the spraypaintings will be seected by the amount of “likes” acquired by this SPMR Group. thus all submissions should be submitted on that group page and not linked. this will help me keep track of the contestants

i will announce the winners NOVEMBER 1rst and ask the winners for their addresses including sizes for the apparel.

***********RULES OF YOUR SUBMISSION********************
1) must have “***HALLOWEEN CONTEST ENTRY****” written on the header
2) i will delete submissions that dont meet criteria
3) must be a new submission (made only for this contest)
4) all levels of spraypainters are encouraged to participate
5) upto 2 entries per contestant
6) no brushes, stamps, stenicil, stickers and or rub ons are not allowed allowed.
7) contest begins October 11/12 (now) & ends 6pm mountian time 31st of October 2012.
8) you are allowed to vote on your own spraypainting, but must not use multiple accounts to do so.
9) theme must be halloween related but cannot be a remake of some one elses enrty
10) the amount of likes will be the determining factor of who wins, however in a tie i “spraycasso” will be the determining factor.
a) spraypaintings can be done on any surface for submission
b) mechanical devices (clocks, lights etc..) are allowed but keep in mind that it needs to be a halloween theme.
c) a clear image of the spraypainting
d) have fun with this guys, i will have much much more contests to come… i hope to stimulate your creativity and take you guys out of your comfort spraypaint zones by having these.
e) if your submission gets deleted its probably because it didnt meet the rules of this contests
f) sample of contest entry (
e) Spray Paint Masters Revolution (SPMR) (

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